Fell Pony Mares

Kimberlake MayBelle

Kimberlake MayBelle- 2005 Black Mare 12 hands

Dam: Drybarrows May Sire: Wellbrow Raider

Offspring: Lady Belle, Isabelle, Samuel, Lita Belle

Kimberlake Lady Belle















Kimberlake Lady Belle- 2009 Black Mare 12.1 hands

Dam: Kimberlake MayBelle Sire: Stonecreek Magic Minstrel

Offspring: Raphael, Jophiel

Kimberlake Isabelle


Kimberlake Isabelle- 2011 Black Mare 13.3 hands

Dam: Kimberlake MayBelle Sire: Kimberlake Gabriel


Thornbeck Jade- 2003-2015 Black/Grey Mare 13.1 hands

Dam: Monkfields Faye Sire: Orton Hall Dennis

Offspring: Angel, Windermere “Windy”, Prince Michael, Rebel Raider, Morning Glory


KimberLake Lucky Penny- 2008 Bay Mare 13.2 hands (Now in St. Joe, MO)

Dam: Meres Juliette Sire: Stonecreek Magic Minstrel

Kimberlake Angel









Kimberlake Angel- 2006 Black Mare 13.1 hands (now in Alabama)

Dam: Thornbeck Jade Sire: Stonecreek Magic Minstrel

Offspring: Velvet (Now in California)

Ashness Mary D

Ashness Mary D

Ashness Mary D- 2003 Black Mare 13 hands (Now in California)

Dam: Sleddale Heather IX Sire: Waverhead Rambo

Offspring: Rambler, Blackjack, Ace

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Hi, My Name is Bay Lad

I am a Fell Pony and I am looking for a fun and loving home. Although I am young, I am learning lots of exciting things, and I would like to have a friend, maybe a teenager, who would love to do exciting things with a Fell Pony – like trail rides, jumps, horse shows, and fox hunts. I am a very friendly being, and I love people and I am ready to go! Please contact my owner if you would like to meet me.

Bay Lad is very friendly, uncomplicated, easily satisfied, and owns his confidence. He likes to be with you, and will stand quietly but alert, if you stop in the saddle to talk to a friend. Because of his young age, he has only been ridden lightly, on short rides (I weigh 100 pounds). Lad enjoys trail rides and even off the trail (bushwacking). We have also just started him on tiny jumps, which seems to delight him, driven him in a halter, with sleigh bells (he takes to it naturally). He is light on the bit, and responsive to leg aids. He seems to enjoy doing things with people and other horses, and is quiet and well behaved in the pasture. Lad would be looking for a confident, competent leader, otherwise he will take over, but he is nice about it! We have never had him spook or bolt, and his buck is a small hop, not something that was intended to unseat you. If something goes wrong, he stops and waits. He is patient and mentally stable. Lad is probably the most unflappable horse (for his age) that I have ever known…everything is just “ok, I’ll try that”, and then he does it quite well. He is a smart pony, and does not need endless repetition to learn, so it is up to you, the leader, to find interesting variety!

Lad is a beautiful Bay, stands 13.2 hands, and should grow a bit more. He has a good conformation, and his Birth date was 6 May, 2010. He is truly a loyal friend


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