Hi, My Name is Bay Lad

I am a Fell Pony and I am looking for a fun and loving home. Although I am young, I am learning lots of exciting things, and I would like to have a friend, maybe a teenager, who would love to do exciting things with a Fell Pony – like trail rides, jumps, horse shows, and fox hunts. I am a very friendly being, and I love people and I am ready to go! Please contact my owner if you would like to meet me.

Bay Lad is very friendly, uncomplicated, easily satisfied, and owns his confidence. He likes to be with you, and will stand quietly but alert, if you stop in the saddle to talk to a friend. Because of his young age, he has only been ridden lightly, on short rides (I weigh 100 pounds). Lad enjoys trail rides and even off the trail (bushwacking). We have also just started him on tiny jumps, which seems to delight him, driven him in a halter, with sleigh bells (he takes to it naturally). He is light on the bit, and responsive to leg aids. He seems to enjoy doing things with people and other horses, and is quiet and well behaved in the pasture. Lad would be looking for a confident, competent leader, otherwise he will take over, but he is nice about it! We have never had him spook or bolt, and his buck is a small hop, not something that was intended to unseat you. If something goes wrong, he stops and waits. He is patient and mentally stable. Lad is probably the most unflappable horse (for his age) that I have ever known…everything is just “ok, I’ll try that”, and then he does it quite well. He is a smart pony, and does not need endless repetition to learn, so it is up to you, the leader, to find interesting variety!

Lad is a beautiful Bay, stands 13.2 hands, and should grow a bit more. He has a good conformation, and his Birth date was 6 May, 2010. He is truly a loyal friend


Windy Selected for Battle of the Breeds

Kimberlake Windermere Grey “Windy” has been selected to compete in the
“The Battle of the Breeds” at Equifest of Kansas 2014. Equifest of
Kansas is the largest trade and breed show in Kansas and will be held
February 14, 15, & 16, 2014 in Wichita, Kansas.  Battle of the breeds
consists of 6 judged events: Driving, English Pleasure, Gamblers
Choice Jumping, Extreme Trail, Stock Horse, and Speed.

Event Schedule:
Friday: Driving and English Pleasure Class
Saturday: Trail Class and Gamblers Choice Class
Sunday: Speed Class and Stock Horse Class

Come join Windy’s fan club and cheer him on to victory!

For more information on the event visit:


Colorado Ponies

My husband Paul and I brought three Fells home from the mountains of Cortez, Colorado in late April. Royalcrest Ariel, a 5-year-old mare, Royalcrest Apollo, a 7-year-old gelding, and Royalcrest Justice, also a 7-year-old gelding, made the 1300 mile trip across the plains to their new home in Missouri.

Ariel in Missouri May 2013


Ariel has happily joined our broodmare band, while the ‘boys’ have started school. They have completed their groundwork, had their first riding and driving lessons. The two have also been driven as a pair.

Justice and Apollo Driving as pair

Both of the black geldings will be for sale this Fall once we polish their skills a bit more. I plan to drive Justice as a single  training level pony during the September 2013 CDE at Longview Lake in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Call me if you are dreaming of a black driving pair or single. Kimber 660-537-4020


Magic and Angel’s “Sweet Home”

In March 2013, Kimberlake Angel and Stonecreek Magic Minstrel traveled to their new home in Alabama. Magic and Angel, sire and daughter, had been driving as singles at expositions for several years, with Angel performing in local Missouri combined driving events. It was their new owner’s dream to drive her own pair of Fells in competition. In May, acclaimed driving champion Muffy Seaton of South Carolina put the pair together. Congratulations Linda on a dream soon to come true!


Angel and Magic driving with Muffy and Linda



Like any farm the work is never done. It is nice to take a minute and appreciate what you have accomplished. Yesterday was one of those days. We have approximately one-quarter mile of road frontage around our farm and that means plenty of fencing. Last summer we started the huge project of building a traditional three-board oak fence on that road frontage. Working everyday we could spare a few hours of time, my husband and three of our boys finished half the project. Now that the spring rains have stopped it was time to complete the fence. The boys, (all teenagers) are a big help and the fence looks great! We still have the other side of the driveway to go but it is nice to see a finished part of the project and I appreciate all the hard work.—Kimber

Baylad and Prince Michael Move to Colorado

I know there are more than a few broken hearts now that Bayland and Prince Michael have moved to Colorado. Both headed to their new home on April 20th, 2012. Both geldings will be enjoying a view of the Rockies from their new home in the high plains. Congratulations Shelley, can’t wait to see how they mature. What a stunning pair!

If you missed out on this pair don’t worry we have a full sybling to Prince Michael due in the next month and Baylad’s full sister is due as well.

Spring Baby Chicks

Nothing says spring is here quite like picking up the baby chickens from our rural US Post Office. Many may not know it, but the mail carriers have been delivery live baby chicks for quite some time now and do a fine job. All 17 of our chicks arrived healthy and full of energy. They drink a lot of water and immediately start to look for food when placed in their warm brooder. Warning! the video will make you smile. We chose three standard sized chicken breeds to produce eggs for us on the farm. The yellow Buff Orpington, the Black and White Barred Plymouth Rocks, and a rare breed the red and brown Speckled Sussex.